Song Info: KPOP Song is sung by Travis Scott, Bad Bunny & The Weekend.

Song Credits

Artist (s)Travis Scott, Bad Bunny & The Weekend

KPOP Lyrics

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Swish, lit (Lit)
Move like she got hip (Hip)
You fall off on set (Skrrt)
Fallin’ off, but I got grip (Grip)
All around the trap, it hit (Hit)
All around the back, you trips
Take it like nine to ten (Yeah)
Baby gon’ fall in again…

[Verse: Bad Bunny]
Va a joderle y va de nuevo
Baby, yo te lo meto, es que tú tiene’ fuego
Como aquello’ tiempo’ de camino a Maya
Tú ere’ una bitchy bien loca, bebé
Solo tengo tu…
Tú bien loca, loca, yo bien loco, loco
Si es que tu mai nos pilla, me pide una foto
La nota me explota, yo el dinero exploto
Y aunque acá hayan mucha’ bailando, yo te invoco

[Verse: The Weeknd]
Love me, get it when you wanna love me
Innocent, you don’t mean it
Have sex up until I’m leavin’
You don’t think she don’t want me?
Blow my shit ’cause I’m heartless
Even though she don’t mean it
You don’t…

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