Song Info: Victorious Song is sung by Yung Lean.

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Artist (s)Yung Lean

Victorious Lyrics

[Verse 1: Bladee]
I was dirty in designer before it was trendy
I was tryna stay awake, my eyes are heavy
I was sorry before I was even born
So just forgive me
By the way, you’re way too pretty to be petty
I was praying for the sword to be reborn
You didn’t send me
But I feel like it is finally descending
When we raise our glasses up
Its overflow is never empty
We’re victorious and happy in the ending

[Verse 2: Yung Lean]
It was already inside me, I didn’t have to look
With you, I fight fairies
The story is the book
I-I know the feeling
But I’m losing spirit
What goes around comes around
It’s deep from the beginning
Two heavy swords lay heavy at the wake
Pray for your arrival, never pray for your mistakes
Wedding bells and ancient spells
I’ll meet you at the gate
You can see it in my face
Blood rain (Let the rain, let the rain)

[Verse 3: Bladee]
At the edge of the blade, that’s the point
Shooting for the stars but we aim for the gold
Swimming with the sharks to the gods goes the spoils
I know in my heart that it’s all very void
Staying very warm, keeping flames on the foil
Now we wash our face and then spray essential oils
Destiny is ours just to hate on the boys
You can either go hard or not, it’s a choice

[Verse 4: Yung Lean]
Now we fly from islands like it’s 2001
Helicopters on the roof, I make this shit look fun
We was dirty in designer when the finer things would come
And we took so many risks, now you see the outcome
I fell off but I came back on top
Lay low with the rose, gold wrapped around the watch
Got bloodshot eyes, I’ve been working ’round the clock
SUVs by the gate, real estate
Got the world in our palms

[Verse 5: Bladee]
You know what? Just stop ’cause you’re not
Darkness in my head, it gets it spinning like a clock
In this crystal palace and I dare you throw a rock
We got so much different kind of flavours, come and shop
Blowing all this money ’cause it’s windy at the top
You can cut it out or cut it off and watch it rot
Do you wanna be with the team or not?
DGSBE, we can’t get enough

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